mini east coast canada tour: in a kingdom by the sea

I'm calling this series "mini east coast canada tour" even though technically I'm planning to eventually include some photos from Arcadia, Maine, as well. A few weeks ago, my family and I went on a ten-day trip during which we drove up to Portland, Maine, took the ferry to Yarmouth and the Arcadian Shores in Nova Scotia, drove to Halifax, and then went over to New Brunswick before stopping in Arcadia National Park on our way back to Pennsylvania. 

Some things I noticed about this part of Canada:

  1. There is fog everywhere, every morning, without fail. I loved it; others might disagree with me. 
  2. So much French!!! Bilingual road signs!!! Bilingual museum plaques!!! Little kids jabbering away in French!!!
  3. Everything looked like it came out of a vintage pastel postcard. Scroll down. Cottages everywhere.

Interestingly, I think the photos I took on my phone are a lot better than the ones I took on my camera, so I may decide to post those next week.